Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home Tour...Nelson's Nest

Jodi Nelson is a neighbor and friend to Lisa and I.  When she said I heart IKEA on Facebook she wasn't kidding!  She's incorporated so many great pieces from that store and has done a GREAT design job on her home...I think you'll agree.

She was looking for a new spring wreath but didn't want to spend $25.  So...she bought the yellow garland for $9 at Roberts and added it to her twig wreath she already had!  So great to make new uses for old things!

Her home layout includes a long front room.  To utelize the space well she's broken it up into a sitting space and a living room space behind.  Love the IKEA white drapes for each set of windows...creates a great soft feeling in the room.  (I've also always loved the mustard yellow floral pillow from Target...gotta love Dwell Studios!)
Here's an example of where she's used a great IKEA furniture piece.  Great decor and perfect storage!  I believe this one is between $200-$300.
Cute Easter decor!
When they moved into this house it was very simple and standard.  They've sure put alot of work into it!

Kitchen before...
...and kitchen after!  They restained their cabinets an espresso color, added the white beadboard accents and changed to granite countertops.  If you are going with granite, I suggest the thicker slab which they've done.  We went with a thin slab and seeing hers makes me realize what a difference the thickness makes!  Her cute little Sydney also wanted to add to the decor :)

Love the floral bunches placed above her cabinets...these are from Rod Works.
Another before picture.  The laundry room before...
...and what a great use of space after!  They learned their washer/dryer were stackable and bought the wardrobe unit from IKEA for storage on the other side!  It provides a perfect place for little shoes and drying clothes and looks great! 

She had a blank wall in her kitchen and created a perfect storage/reminer space.  Again so many great uses for IKEA items!

Jodi found this great rug at World Market (there's one in Park City on the other side of the highway from the outlets...they have some great things!)

A friend made this awesome poster with their last name!  If you have Photoshop talents here's a project for you!

I love their master bedroom and the bed frame is from Overstock!  She paid $2.95 for them to drop it off at their house!  She warned you have to be sure you LOVE it because it costs much more to return.  But she made a great choice and it looks great!  Also love the bedding (and the cute chandelier from guess where!)

Little miss Syd's room...I haven't ever seen a crib set-up as a full bed and here it is!  Looks great!

Hobby Lobby lamp (they still carry it if you're looking!)

What a fun little touch in her room to add chalk paint on one wall!  She said it cleans up fairly easy also.
Jaxson is her darling baby and has a darling room!  Love the stripes!  The dresser is IKEA for $150!  She added the handles herself.

Paper lanterns are a great touch!

I loved their do it yourself project in the bathroom...they built the frame around their mirror with pieces of baseboard!  With a meiter saw you can do great things :)  Great idea!

 Loved the mod podge magnet board in the office...

 ...and the cute clock from Target.

I know this piece of furniture looks familiar :)  Just goes to show how well this bookcase keeps you organized!

And finally another great find from IKEA and great design for the room.

If you ever need a buddy to shop IKEA with you I know the perfect girl!  She can also help you find a use for about anything in the store!  Thanks for sharing Jodi!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring us! You guys are great and so talented, and I'm totally flattered to be a part of your blog. xo

  2. Jodi,

    Your kitchen looks amazing! I was in there quite a few times when the Sandbergs owned the house. What a difference!

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  4. Woe! I am so glad I looked at this. Jodi has some real talent.