Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Basement job 9...carpet

The last thing to finish is the carpet and flooring and you are ready to move in! 

We went through Wholesale Flooring in Lindon (801.796.7222).  When making your budget for the basement give yourself a good cushion for the won't regret spending a little bit more on it!  We bought a thicker pad and the higher level of carpet (it comes in a 1, 2, 3 etc.) which makes it soft and cozy! 

 I really like the color and will work well with kids!

For the playroom we went with a vinyl product that looks like hardwood.  It was a little more expensive than most vinyl, but I wanted it to look nice without having to worry about my kids dropping their toys on wood and chipping it.  So this was a great alternative and I love how it looks. 

It's so nice to walk down to a finished basement!  As a recap, here's the list of our sub contractors if you are looking to be your own general contractor!  I highly recommend them all for price and work!

Framing and finished carpentry...Kevin Madsen, 801-850-7839
HVAC...Holmes Heating and Air, 801-768-4151
Plumbing...Austin Headrick, 801-209-4870
Drywall and texture...RCI Drywall, 801-420-7905
Paint...Petersen Painting, 801-766-6685
Flooring...Wholesale Flooring, 801-796-7222

**We really like our electrician too but he's a friend and isn't necessarily looking for extra work :)

Our total cost was about $17 a square foot to finish.  This is definitely reasonable and so worth the money for the extra space!

I hope this information will help you in your basement projects!  I'd love to hear from you when you finish yours! 


  1. Sooo nice!!!! Yeah for a finished basement! Looks awesome!!

  2. Linds, your basement looks awesome! Can I make a request...I need an easy recipe for homemade pizza dough. :)