Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Frame collage

Now that the basement is done it's time to decorate!  There's nothing better than a room with blank walls!  I've been collecting these frames for a few months and found the few final pieces to finish it off and hang it up! 

To do a frame collage, start by arranging everything on the ground first.  The great thing about a collage is you can put frames as close together or as far apart as you'd like.  And precise measuring is not necessary!  It's suppose to take on its own character and style...

One measurement that is needed is the center point of the wall.  For my design I moved the center picture up a few inches from the exact middle so my boys can't easily reach the bottom pictures of the collage.  Eventually I'm also going to put a long skinny table under the pictures and I wanted space to put decor on top of the table.  Make sure to take the full design of the wall into consideration before hanging!  It does create lots of little holes! 

Here are a few pictures showing the progression of the collage...

Notice the incorporation of the cute signs from yesterday :)

Here were my latest frame purchases...I love them both!

 $10.99 at Rod works (I also bought this in a 5x7 for the wall).  Such a great price for an ornate frame!

Roberts now carries a line of larger frames that are better for design than their previous selections...and with the 40 or 50 percent off coupon they are great prices!  This one was $20 and comes as a 12x12 opening with a mat.  I decided to print a 16x20 photo and cut it to 16x16 to display the photo without a mat.  They also had great chunky wood frames...I had a hard time deciding!

This is such a fun way to keep older photos displayed as well as candid shots taken from your own little camera! 


  1. linds i adore it! it turned out perfect.

  2. I love it!! Can I come see in person?! :) It really turned out great.

  3. i love the frame collage!! it looks soo sososo sososo good londz!!!