Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making Old Things New

With a new baby coming its time for the bedroom shuffle.  McKay's bed from childhood has been sitting in our garage for years and we decided to refinish it...
My sister in law Melissa had refinished cabinets and instead of sanding they used a primer that worked right over finished wood.  So we decided to give it a whirl and avoid the sanding process.  It worked like a charm!
We've been through the painting process a few times on this blog.  We did two primer coats and two coats of this great blue color...Martha Stewart paint in Hydrangea (semi-gloss).  It matched a blue color in Peyt's bedding perfect. 

The last step was this laquer spray to give it a finish coat.  Lisa told me about it...much easier to use than the oil-based top coats!

And here is the bed all ready to go in his room.  I really love how it turned out!  Thanks to my husband McKay for his work on the project...I'm staying away from paint until January!

Don't let old furniture go to waste!  There's nothing a great color of paint won't fix!


  1. Turned out great, I love it!!

  2. Waahoo Linds that looks so good!! Can't wait to come see it in person!!