Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun find...crib rail protectors

Yes I'm obviously on a baby kick right now and I apologize to all the readers who are out of that phase.  So my first little boy chewed up the front and side rails of his crib when he was teething and it doesn't look so great anymore.  When we move the boys around into their new rooms I have plans to fix it up a little bit.  But my sister in law Wendi told me about a darling solution to this problem...
These darling crib rail protectors!  They can be found on Etsy and this particular one shown is sold by kimscherer.  Such a better solution than the dumb options they have at Babies R Us.  By the time I tried to find a solution Peyton was done with his chewing phase anyway but for the future I will be keeping these in mind instead!

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  1. Great idea!! I"m pretty sure the pacifier saved my crib the first go around because there was not one mark. But last week #2 dug her teeth right in. Such a bummer! I better get making these things while I only have 1 mark.