Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vicki's Bedrooms

Vicki's husband brought this bed home from Korea years ago.  She wanted to make it work along with a old fashioned feel with her grandmother's quilt.  Although it was a bit daunting at first, it all came together so nicely and is one of my favorite rooms. 

We added simple linen window treatments, new bedding and throw pillows.  The antique quilt is overlayed at the foot of the bed.  The bedside tables and lamps were perfect as were the collection of accessories we found.

This floral print was a gem from Ikea.

I simply framed a piece of the pillow fabric for the frame insert.

The floating collage wall frame gallery was the perfect statement for this room.  It really turned out amazing.

This room was quite dark and cluttered with furniture.  By changing the window treatments, adding new bedding, artwork, accessories, and rearranging the furniture, it has a whole new life.

I made a simple chevron bedskirt for the crib to tie it into the rest of the bedding.  Now it is the perfect guest room for her children and grandbabies.

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