Saturday, December 29, 2012

Making an Office Space Sing

So one of our favorite client's Breanna, asked us to decorate their second audiologist office.  This is what we had to work with.  They wanted to use these leather sofas but have it feel fresh and modern.

It was just your basic strip mall space, but with a little decorating magic

this is what they have now!  We found great modern pillows from Ikea and went that direction.  We used botanical and nature prints as artwork for the wall, our favorite Ikea lamps, accessories from Osmond and Rod Works, and furniture from World Market.

We loved this storage solution for their office area as it is functional and beautiful.

To tie the accessories back to the audiologist specialty, we looked for objects that could represent hearing.  Thus, the phone and the bass cleff print.
I found black and white diagrams of the ear online and framed them in the Ikea Virseum frames for the perfect artwork for the space.  It was an amazing transformation!

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