Monday, May 7, 2012

Kristin's Front Room Makeover

Kristin's front room felt very dark.  She has orange couches that we couldn't change.  So, I brought in light fabrics to bring a whole new feeling to the room.  I found this fabric for her curtains again at  It was $9.99/yd.  As we needed to make 2-109" curtain panels, we found a bargain and only spent $65 for this fabric. 

The curtains added such light and airyness to the room.  Kristin wasn't quite sure about the fabric but trusted me.  She loved how they turned out!

 I picked these two fabrics to coordinate with our window fabric.  The floral had the perfect touch of orange as to not ignore the couches, but had such a lightness with the mixture of other colors.  I love the green geometric.  Don't be afraid to mix patterns.

I love the piano accessories.  It was such a difference from before. We brought in the green and turquoise from the kitchen colors to tie the two rooms together.

We found some great orange accessories, like this pitcher.

We rearranged her existing artwork and added a few framed quotes to balance out her picture wall.  She already had the frames, and so it cost absolutely nothing!  Love it when that happens.

Lastly, we created this little tray for the front room table.  I love the clock with the pop of turquoise.  Her front room is now bright and cheery.  As Nate Berkus says, "It rises up to meet her" when she walks in the door. 

I would love to help anyone redo a space, especially if you would like to change the fabric scheme.  We spent $100 from and made custom drapes and 8 throw pillows.  It can be done, and I will help you from picking your fabric scheme to sewing.  I charge $20/hour for sewing, and had Kristin's project done in 3 hours.

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