Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From Red to Blue

It was so much fun to redo Kelly's front room. For years, she had a deep red wall. As she was over the red phase, it was time for a change.

  Enter the blue, green motif I envisioned with a little help from my Ballard Design catalog.  We loved this deep blue color for her walls.  It is Planetarium from Home Depot's Behr Ultra Paint line.  Don't you love the contrast?  I loved this artwork from Hobby Lobby.  We paid $50 for it.  Unbelievable price for such a great piece.  I paired it with my favorite sunburst mirror and the custom music pages art piece from the last post.  In order to keep the room from feeling too cold, I warmed it with the oil rubbed bronze, brass and wood accents.

I loved the simple accents we used.  Kelly teaches piano, so she didn't want a lot on the piano.  The pitcher is the perfect place to store pencils for her students.  She already had the cute birds, and they make a nice grouping with the wooden metronome.

I love the simple tray of balls on the other side of the piano.

This wall became such a great focal point as soon as you walk through the door.

We looked everywhere for the perfect pedestal table for beside the couch.  All the ones we found were too high.  Kelly found this gem in her sister's basement.  It was oak, so I painted it cream and gave it a new life.  Isn't it perfect?  I love the new lamp paired with the accessories.  The two old books were the perfect blue and green for the room.

I love the fabric for the two pillows.  The embroidered pillow came from Target.  The patterned fabric was from Hobby Lobby and was the perfect shade of green to add to the room.

For her entry, Kelly bought a new cabinet from Hobby Lobby.  She had all of the accessories except the greenery and the stone artichoke.  I just grouped them in a different way to make it balanced and work with scale and proportion.

We moved her family picture and Proclamation onto this wall by the temple to make a grouping.

This little thought in the corner is one of my favorites.  I love the little pop of green in the topiary mixed with the dark wood of the vase and the gold of the clock.  Don't be afraid to mix colors and finishes.  As you can see, it works. 

The fabric for Kelly's curtains was my favorite statement in the room.  It looked so rich and added such warmth to the space.  I love the geometric print.  They were just what that room needed and tied everything, including the new rug, together!

Check back this week for Kelly's bedroom reveal!

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  1. Lisa, I love love LOVE it! Thank you so much for the much needed face lift. You are so talented! It feels so good walking in the house to this new space. You're amazing!!