Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome Spring

I love changing the porch decor after the holiday ends.  Welcome Spring!!!

I love this addition.  I got the window for free from a friend.  It was red, so I spray painted it white and hung the wreath with a ribbon by nailing to the back of the window.  It didn't cost me anything!!

I felt like my canister of Gerber daisies needed something else this year.  I found this little stool at Forget Me Not for $13.  I added the candles and ribbon as well as the lantern and ribbon.  Aside from the stool, I had all of these accessories in my basement.  Look around and see what you can use that you already have!


  1. I need that wreath! Where did you get yours??

    1. I got last year it at Scrooge and Marley's in Lehi. I was at TaiPan last week and they had some cute wreaths.