Monday, March 19, 2012

Amazing what a few items can do

Here's what the decor above my cabinets looked like before.  I liked most of it, but was ready for a fresh change.   With a few purchases, I breathed new life into my kitchen!

Here's the new look!

 The only new items were the tall grey piece and the book.  I made the stick bundle from the stems of a bundle I used in my family room tray.  I had the green ball from another spot in my house.  I added the green ribbon to white candles from my mom.  I loved the idea of using the book because of its color.  Books are so "in" right now and can be used everywhere in your home.

I got these blue candles from Target for $8.  I moved the clock from a different spot in the house and love the new grouping.  I had the pictures and the large glass jar of filler from before.  You don't have to start completely over.  Keep what you love and just add a new few pieces.

For this grouping, the candlesticks and the pitcher were new.  The pitcher was only $5 from TaiPan.  I took the old wheat bundle out from its old metal bucket and stuffed it in the pitcher.  I love how it looks.  The sign and green ball were from a different spot that I wasn't using anymore.   Reuse, Reuse, Reuse!  I am being thrifty this year!  Check back tomorrow for the reveal of my dining room.

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