Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Princess Costumes

So Khloe wanted a princess dress when we were in Disneyland.  I was not about to pay $70 for one dress, so I decided to make her some when we got back.  Last week, I found $2 tanks at Old Navy.  Then I went to Walmart and found satin, netting, and tulle.  I was able to get all the material and tanks for $50, enough to make her 6 dresses!!  Here's a tutorial on how to do the same.  This is also a great project you could work on at our Sewing Class on July 28th. (Check Monday's post for info)

I bought the tanks in the 5T size so she can wear them for a long time to come.  This purple is perfect for Rapunzel, yellow for Belle, blue for Cinderella, green for Tiana, hot pink for Sleeping Beauty, then pale pink for Ariel.

Take your 1 yard of satin and cut it in half and connect the two pieces sewing a seam.  Also sew a bottom seam.  Layer the 2 yards of netting, then the 2 yards of tulle on top and pin at the left side.  Sew a left side seam. 

Once connected sew a top seam adjusting your machine settings to the tightest tension and biggest stitch length.  This should gather your material at the top.  If it doesn't, continue sewing the top seam and then just pull the thread tightly on both ends to create your own gather.  You will pull and move the fabric along to gather.  Sew back seam.  Attach to tank, stretching the tank to attach the skirt.  I placed the tank on the ironing board to get it to stretch and pinned while on the board.  Sew skirt to tank!

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