Thursday, July 7, 2011

Party Plates

I found these plates at Target for $2.  I have a set of solid plastic plates in green, yellow, aqua, and blue that coordinate perfectly.  Instead of always using paper plates, find some great cheap plastic plates to add color and fun to your backyard BBQ.  You'll not only help Mother Nature, you'll have  fantastic partyware!

Likewise, these plastic cups were on clearance for $.75.  I love how they work with the plates. 

So here is my backyard table setting.  The chargers are from TaiPan ($2).

These outdoor lanterns are the ones I posted about earlier.  The big one is from Ikea ($7), and the small from Lowes ($5).  I cut stems from my garden and placed in small rectangle vases from Ikea ($5).

The ambience is perfect for your next intimate backyard dinner.  Call up your friends and host one tonight! 

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