Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Sprig of Berries

One of my favorite decor items in my house is my plate rack.  It is a great way to change the look for any season.  I bought these Autumn plates at Taipan for cheap (2.99 a plate).  Mix and match the colors and sizes for a cohesive theme.  This year, I found these berry sprigs at Taipan and thought they would make a great addition.  I bought the sprig for 2.99 and then just cut it apart and placed individual pieces with each plate.  A simple and cheap way to add a little color to the corner of my kitchen.

Teamed with the bench that I found for $75 at Home Again (located in Midvale (801-255-5457), the plate
rack is more of a statement piece.  
I bought the fabric and foam inserts at Hobby Lobby for $20, sewed and stuffed the cover, added $10 pillows from Walmart, and voila. (Will post a little sewing tutorial at a later time.  It is "sew easy".)

Who knew a sprig of berries could bring such a change to plates and a plate rack I've had for several years. 

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